Are you a member of the Mid-Valley Council?

Dr. Seuss Day at the Mall

Mid-Valley Council Dr. Seuss Day at Heritage Mall

As the leaves turn color and fall, it is time for you to check your membership in the Mid-Valley Council and Oregon Reading Association.  $25 allows you to become a member of both the local council and the state organization.  If you are new as a teacher (within 5 years), are a substitute, or have let your membership lapse, we have a special deal: 2 years membership for only $25. However, this special is only good until the end of October.

Some of you may feel that since you don’t have time to take part in the council activities, you don’t need to become a member. However, just like the Oregon Education Association, the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, and state math and science groups, the Oregon Reading Association works with Oregon Dept. of Education leaders, and teachers of preservice teachers at Oregon universities, to provide the best professional development possible. ORA advocates for teachers to keep literacy practices developmentally appropriate, and focused on literacy for life, and not just to pass assessments. Each local council also provides activities tailored to local needs.

Please consider that your membership fee will go a long way to promote literacy in our state. It is a small price to pay for doing your part.

Membership forms are included in this post. Or you can go to the ORA website and pay with Pay Pal. Unfortunately, the special deal is not available online, but must be mailed to Katherine Inman, 447 NW Witham Dr. Corvallis, OR or sent via school mail to Linda Eng at Tangent School at GAPS.

ORA/Mid-Valley Membership Form:  midvalley-membership-2016-2017

ORA/Mid-Valley Alternate Membership: 2 Year Special for new teachers, substitutes, and teachers who have allowed memberships to lapse: alternate-midvalley-membership-2016-2017


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