Teachers as Readers/Teachers Choices Meeting

Welcome to another year of important literacy activities of the Mid-Valley Council of the Oregon Reading Association!

Our year begins next Thursday, Sept. 14 with the first meeting of the Teachers as Readers/Teachers’ Choice program. The Teachers’ Choice program allows participants to read many, many new books, review them with a brief multiple choice survey, and then at the end of the year choose the books that they would like to keep in their classroom library! The program is sponsored by the International Literacy Association. Publishers send multiple copies to the Mid-Valley Council % of Kim Fairbanks. The council responsibility is to make sure that each book (over 600 different titles) is reviewed by at least 3 different readers. All reviews need to be finished by early February. In May, there will be both a presentation of the book winners, and also a day to distribute the books to the readers. The more books one reads and reviews, the more books the classroom library receives!

This year, at each of the meetings to pick up books, we will also have short discussions sharing the favorite books we have read that month.

In February, we will begin the 2nd portion of our Teachers as Readers program by reading the book I Wish My Teacher Knew by Kyle Schwartz. Books will be distributed at the meeting. There is $100 to spend on the books, so depending on the number of participants, there may be a small cost for the book.

What:            Teachers as Readers/Teachers Choice Meeting

When:          Thursday, Sept. 14, 2017 at 4:30pm

Where:         Kim Fairbanks’ home: 2189 Kenworthy Rd. NE Albany, OR 97322



Cost:             Current Mid-Valley Council/ORA membership (new/renew: $35) plus $25 to participate.

Requirements to Participate in book give away May 17:

  • Attendance at 4 of 6 TAR/TC meetings
  • Review of 3 novels and 10 picture books per meeting
  • Attendance at 3 out of 4 MVRC sponsored events
  • Participate in Patricia Gallagher voting process or chose one extra opportunity to participate in
  • Turn in a log of the meetings/events that you participated in by April 23

Hope to see many of you on Thursday!



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